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            Building No. 4, Phase I, Medical Device District, 898 Yaocheng Avenue, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province
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            Indonesian customers purchased our products and delivered them yesterday!

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            Our international customers, from Indonesia, purchased our products  and delivered them yesterday!




            Taimei Environment -- Committed to research and development of new technologies for environmental protection and treatment, application of sewage and sludge treatment technology and equipment manufacturing!

            Our main products:

            1. Solid-liquid separation system: superposition rotary sludge dewaterer, shallow air floater, screw conveyor

            2. Cryogenic Concentration System of Dangerous Waste Sludge: Cryogenic Concentrator of Dangerous Waste Sludge

            3. Sludge Low Temperature Drying System: Sludge Low Temperature Dryer

            Welcome enterprises and institutions from all over the world to negotiate and consult 400-1036-366! Welcome to scan our Wechat Public Number below, pay attention to the latest products and technological developments, and get in touch with us in time!