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            Stacking sludge dewatering machine Stacking sludge dewatering machine

            The company's spin-sludge sludge dewatering machine has formed 21 types of specifications and models to meet different sludge handling and different needs.

            The spin-sludge sludge dewatering machine integrates the automatic control cabinet, the sludge concentration dehydration body and the liquid collection tank, which can realize high-efficiency flocculation under the condition of fully automatic operation, and continuously complete the sludge concentration and press dewatering work.

            Component introduction



            Process flow of spin-sludge sludge dewatering machine


            Technical advantages

            1. It is equipped with a proprietary rotary preconcentration device, which is better at handling low concentration and grease-containing sludge, improving the disadvantages of existing gravity-type concentration, achieving high-efficiency concentrated flocculation and concentration of low-concentration sludge, and integrating sludge concentration. Conditioned to the optimal state of dehydration.

            2. The moving ring replaces the filter cloth, self-cleaning, no clogging, easy to handle oily sludge, and realizes a continuous self-cleaning process, avoiding the common clogging problem of the traditional dewatering machine.

            3. The spiral shaft is sprayed with special heat treatment and carbon tungsten alloy to resist wear and corrosion.

            4. Low speed operation, no noise, low energy consumption.

            5. Reduce the construction cost, the spin-sludge sludge dewatering machine can directly treat the aeration tank and the secondary sedimentation tank sludge, without the sludge concentration tank and sludge storage tank and structures, mixers, air compressors, flushing pumps and other ancillary equipment. Therefore, the overall cost can be reduced.

            6. It can realize fully automatic control, simple operation and management. According to the customer's running time period, combined with the automatic control system, the program can be set to realize automatic unattended operation.