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          4. Solid-liquid separation system

            Dense-phase Belt Deep Sludge Dewaterer Dense-phase Belt Deep Sludge Dewaterer

            1.Structure of High Efficiency Deep Sludge Dewaterer


            2.Working Principle of High Efficiency Deep Sludge Dewaterer


              Through chemical conditioning and modification of materials with water content of about 80% and high pressure pressing and dewatering to water content of less than 60%, KTSD deep dewatering press is made up of two tensioned filter belts with material layer, which is S-shaped from a series of rollers arranged regularly and forms the pressing and shearing pressure on materials by the tension of the filter belt itself, and extrudes the capillary water in the material layer. The mud cake with high solid content can be obtained to realize material dehydration.

            3.Flow Chart of High Efficiency Deep Sludge Dewaterer


            4.Advantages of Modified Dehydration Technology

            1)The whole process is operated in cold state without heat source and primary energy consumption.
            2)The whole system is automatically operated, the production line is simple, smooth, no smell, no noise.
            3)The dewatered sludge is hydrophobic and does not cause secondary sludge; it has good compressive strength, excellent gas permeability, and the water continues to evaporate under natural conditions.
            4)Dehydrated sludge mud can meet the requirements of resource utilization (fabrication, landfill, incineration)
            5)The modifier does not change the original properties of the sludge, and has the function of sterilization and deodorization.
            6)The dosage of modifier is low, only 3-8% of the original sludge
            7)Reasonable investment, low operating costs, small construction work, short construction period
            8)The whole system is simple and smooth, easy to operate and easy to maintain.