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          4. Dangerous waste water low temperature concentratio

            Sludge low temperature concentrator Sludge low temperature concentrator

            Sludge low temperature concentrator

                   Through the conversion of the internal negative pressure system, the distillation still, the exchange system and the equipment's own thermal energy system, the high-risk wastewater raw material is exchanged for heat, so that the raw liquid is gasified at 25~40 °C, then recovered and reused, and the remaining stock solution reaches the set After the concentration value is discharged from the discharge port. The entire system is fully automated, easy to operate and stable.


            Flow chart




            Main use of CDS equipment

            At present, it is mainly for the high-efficiency concentration and reduction treatment of hazardous waste liquids listed in the “HW8, 9, 12, 17, 31, 34” series, and the equipment is fully automated, automatically adjusted to 25~40°C, and the waste liquid is The boiling vaporization starts, and after 20 minutes, the water in the waste liquid is automatically distilled off, and the concentrated waste liquid is automatically discharged after reaching a preset concentration value. The device automatically injects fluid to drain fluid.


            Concentration rate of different high-risk wastewater (depending on the solid content of wastewater) up to 75%-90%

            Distilled water quality effect

                 Case: Nickel waste liquid                                           It turns out that high-risk wastewater is concentrated after treatment with CDS equipment.

                  Concentrate, stock solution and effluent comparison chart                                    The four major indicators of distilled water removal are particularly effective.